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where fast service meets delicious grilled food! Our menu offers a variety of starters, salads, main courses, and extras, along with a range of hot and cold drinks. Come and dine in with us or enjoy your food at home with our fast delivery service through Bolt, Wolt, Fudy, and Pizzakoju.



Mango Chicken
Szechuan chicken noodles
Spinach Chicken fried rice
Chicken nuggets
Cola Fanta


3 Salt and Pepper pork ribs
Gull kai Chicken
Szechuan chicken noodles
Steamed rice


Tomato Shorba Shrimp soup
Chezhuan chicken noodles
Salt and Pepper squid


Tomoto Shorba Chicken soup
Chezhuan Chicken noodles
Chicken wings with honey

45-50 Minutes for food delivery

Everything you order will be quickly delivered to your door.

Fast delivery with Bolt, Wolt, Fudy, Pizzakoju and others

Call us and we will deliver for fixed price or order with Bolt, Wolt, Fudy application.

Best Quality Guarantee

Grill Express is a small fast food grill restaurant located in the heart of Tallinn

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Grill express cafรฉ brings over 25 years of cooking experience to the table and is dedicated to provide an exceptional dining experience for all customers.

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Average time

45-50 Minutes for food Delivery*!

If you’re having a meeting, working late at night and need an extra push.

Let us know and we will be there!

* For rush hours delivery might be longer, please call us before if you need it on time.